August 8, 1967 - Look Magazine
"Susan's Song of the Sixties"

"The Decanter"
I slipped into the bathroom, locked the door, put the cover down on the commode and sat down. My attention was drawn to a beautiful glass decanter I had added as a decorative touch to the corner of the bathtub. Not yet filled with bubble bath, it sat empty, glistening like a crystal prism. As I quietly contemplated it’s loveliness, it began to radiate a glorious light out from the center, in little energized circles that streamed softly toward me as they multiplied and filled the room. Immersed in the splendor of this brilliance, my whole being entered into another dimension I can only describe as God-conscious. It did not seem out of the ordinary, in such a transcendental environment, when the decanter I was still focusing on, began a gentle ascent upward and then hung physically suspended in mid-air. I had a thought that I would like to share this experience with the others there, that night, but when my concentration shifted even slightly, the room started to dim and return to it’s natural state. That caused me to wonder about the source of this power, so I asked this Intelligent Mind that was present with me, “Am I doing this, or are you?” In other words, could I, by abruptly removing my focus from this suspended vessel, cause it to drop and break? Through my spirit I received this answer, “You don’t break the things you love, Susan.” With an inner knowing that this would be all the explanation I would receive for now, it didn’t seem important to explore this phenomenon further so I gradually “tuned it out” and left the room.

7 Years Later- "The Story of the Glory!"

I picked up the Bible and began to read the first chapter of Acts where Jesus was taken up into heaven after His death and resurrection. I tried to imagine myself among those standing there looking up, witnessing that breathtaking departure. Although I almost believed it completely, I put the Bible down, and said, “Lord, did you really go up like that and are we really going to go up like that, too?” All of a sudden my memory flashed back to the night I had beheld that glorious, light-charged, glass decanter lifting off from my bathtub like a Cape Canaveral rocket. The same gentle voice that came to me that night, came to me again, and said, “Susie, don’t you think if I can make that decanter go up and down, I can make Me go up and down, and you go up and down too?”

Years had passed, but I finally understood. That night in San Anselmo, under the magnification of LSD, God had given me a divine illustration of the rapture. Like that decanter, we will be so charged and overflowing with the power and light of His Holy Spirit, at the Lord’s
coming, we won’t be subject to the laws of gravitation. It would be pretty hard, now, for anyone to convince me that the future happenings, Paul wrote about to the Thessalonians, concerning our meeting Jesus in the air, were just “symbolic”.









In this issue of Look, there was an article featuring Dr. David Smith, who founded the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, in those "Summer of Love" days. This is one of several taken of me, used in that article. I think the Lord has a sense of humor...check out the cover! It is a photo of if to say, "Susan, I have always had you "covered!"











"Spetacular III" - The Jungle Number - Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco, 1963

I am the showgirl in the back row, far left with the enormous birdcage on her head. There was a grand finale where the stage was lit in blacklight, and the birds glowed in the dark. Real water poured down like a tropical rainstorm in the background, (into a trough), during part of the number. A few months later, I auditioned for Hollywood producer, Barry Ashton, (and "Wolfie" his partner), who put me in the "Internatial Follies" production that was booked for the Chase-Parke Plaza Hotel in St. Louis, MO. That show closed early, due to John Kennedy's Assination. The whole country went into mourning. Everywhere you went, there were black curtains in windows, and it was a very sad time.








Just below Coit Tower. to the right of this photo. is where I lived in San Francisco. .It is the penthouse on top of 233 Telegraph Hill Blvd.
Lots of windows that overlook the Oakland Bay Bridge and the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.